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Heatline Printed Circuit Board D003200907 | Popular Boiler Spares

Heatline Printed Circuit Board D003200907

This Heatline Pcb D003200907 Fits The Capriz 25 Compact & Vizo Range Of Boilers
Price inc Vat: £149.94


Heatline PCB D003200907

This Printed Circuit Board or Pcb as it is commonly known is located behind the user control section of a gas boiler. It runs the entire boiler ensuring  it monitors temperatures within the boiler, air flow pressures and also controls the gas supply to the burners. This is achieved by receiving information from safety devices within the boiler such as thermistors, temperature sensors, air pressure switches and gas valves. If any of the safety devices detect excessive readings or fail the information is sent back to the printed circuit board which in turn switches off the boiler to ensure safety to life and property. Below is a list of boilers this printed circuit board fits.

Important Information

This Printed Circuit Board Replaced Part Number 3003200907

Product Fits

Heatline Capriz 25
Heatline Capriz 25S
Heatline Capriz 28
Heatline Capriz 28S
Heatline Vizo 24
Heatline Compact C24
Heatline Compact C28

Guarantees & Warranties

All parts sold by AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are brand new, they are not used or reconditioned in any way. When buying from us you can rest assured your product is CE Approved and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Further Information

This is an OEM Part