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Ideal Classic Fan Assembly 171461 | Popular Boiler Spares

Ideal Classic Fan Assembly 171461

This Ideal Fan Assembly 171461 Fits The Classic Range Of Boilers
Price inc Vat: £69.00


This Fan is the part in the boiler that removes all the carbon monoxide produced by the boiler and it is the part that provides the oxygen to keep the burner running safely. The fan is monitored and driven via the pcb on the boiler, on the older boilers the fan is connected to an air pressure switch via heat resistant tubing which connects to the fan via venturies that are located in the fan. If the fan fails to run the boiler will be shut off by the printed circuit board making sure no carbon monoxide can be created by the burner when the fan isn't running.

Important Information

This Fan Replaced Part Number 151586.

Please note this fan is one of two fans that can be fitted to your boiler. This is because ideal modified the boiler halfway through production and changed the fan. The best way of checking is to look at the photograpgh provided and compare it with the fan that is fitted in your boiler. You are looking for where the electrical connections are positioned in relation to the windings on the motor of the fan (where the wires from the boiler connect to the fan). On this fan the electrical connections are side by side on one side of the winding on the motor. If the connections on your fan are at opposite sides of the windings on the coil you do not want this fan you require ideal fan part number 111947 (this can be viewed below). please note neither of these fans require the cooling impellor that is fitted to the fan that originally came with the boiler.

Most engineers change the heat resistant tubing that connects the fan to the air pressure switch because over time the tubing becomes brittle and can cause the boiler to fail. If you would like to purchase the tubing it can be viewed below and purchased below.

Product Fits

Ideal British Gas 100 Rd1
Ideal British Gas 30 Rd1
Ideal British Gas 40 Rd1
Ideal British Gas 50 Rd1
Ideal British Gas 60 Rd1
Ideal British Gas 70 Rd1
Ideal British Gas 80 Rd1
Ideal Classic 230Nf
Ideal Classic 240Nf
Ideal Classic 250Nf
Ideal Classic 250Nfp
Ideal Classic 260Nf
Ideal Classic 260Nfp
Ideal Classic 270Nf
Ideal Classic 275Nfp
Ideal Classic 280Nf
Ideal Classic Ff 2 100
Ideal Classic Ff 350P
Ideal Classic Ff 360P
Ideal Classic Ff 380P
Ideal Classic Ff3100
Ideal Classic Ff330
Ideal Classic Ff340
Ideal Classic Ff340 Lf
Ideal Classic Ff350
Ideal Classic Ff350 Lf
Ideal Classic Ff360
Ideal Classic Ff360 Lf
Ideal Classic Ff370
Ideal Classic Ff380
Ideal Classic Lxff 230
Ideal Classic Lxff 240
Ideal Classic Lxff 250
Ideal Classic Lxff 260
Ideal Classic Lxff 270
Ideal Classic Lxff 280
Ideal Classic Lxff250P
Ideal Classic Lxff260P
Ideal Classic Lxff275P
Ideal Classic Se12 Ff
Ideal Classic Se15 Ff
Ideal Classic Se18 Ff
Ideal Classic Se21 Ff
Ideal Classic Se24 Ff
Ideal Classic Se9 Ff
Ideal Rd1 3100
Ideal Rd1 330
Ideal Rd1 340
Ideal Rd1 350
Ideal Rd1 360
Ideal Rd1 370
Ideal Rd1 380
Ideal Rd109
Ideal Rd112
Ideal Rd115
Ideal Rd118
Ideal Rd121
Ideal Rd124

Guarantees & Warranties

All parts sold by AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are brand new, they are not used or reconditioned in any way. When buying from us you can rest assured your product is CE Approved and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Additional Information

This is a compatable Part