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Alpha CB28 Plate Heat Exchanger 1.015958 | Popular Boiler Spares

Alpha CB28 Plate Heat Exchanger 1.015958

This Alpha Plate To Plate Heat Exchanger (DHW) 1.015958 Fits The CB28 & CB28X Range Of Boilers.
Price inc Vat: £113.94


This Plate To Plate Heat Exchanger supplies heat for the Domestic Hot Water (Hot water Taps), this is achieved by heat being transferred across the plate from the central heating / system water to the potable water. The size of the heat excahnger depends on the size of the boiler,the bigger the boiler the more plates there are in the heat exchanger.

Important Information

It is good practice to lubricate the seals when changing the heat exchanger with a silicone grease to ensure there are no leaks after fitting the plate to plate heat exchanger. If you require the silicone grease it can be viewed below.

Product Fits

Alpha CB28
Alpha CB28X

Guarantees & Warranties

All parts sold by AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are brand new, they are not used or reconditioned in any way. When buying from us you can rest assured your product is CE Approved and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Further Information

This is an OEM Part