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Alpha 240, 280 Thermocouple 6.5625660 | Popular Boiler Spares

Alpha 240, 280 Thermocouple 6.5625660

This Alpha Thermocouple 6.5625660 Fits The 240 & 280 Range Of Boilers
Price inc Vat: £12.90


This part is fitted to boilers that have a permanent pilot light, they are an early way of detecting if there is a flame present as well as retaining the gas valve open. This is achieved when the thermocouple is heated by the pilot light flame which in turn sends a small electrical current to the gas valve.

Product Fits

Alpha 240
Alpha 240eco
Alpha 240P
Alpha 240X
Alpha 240XP
Alpha 280P

Guarantees & Warranties

All parts sold by AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are brand new, they are not used or reconditioned in any way. When buying from us you can rest assured your product is CE Approved and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Further Information

This is an OEM Part